Dress Rules for Golf

Dress Rules for Golf
Golf shoes only, trainers are not allowed.
Only recognised golf clothing may be worn:
Men may wear smart, full length trousers or tailored shorts, not cargo shorts, with predominantly single colour sports socks.
Shirts, preferably with a collar.Football shirts, rugby shirts or T-shirts are not allowed. Shirts must always tucked into trousers or shorts
Trousers must not be tucked into socks.
Hats must be worn with the brim facing forward.
Please use the designated Locker Rooms when changing to play golf.
Shoes should not be changed in the Car Park.

Dress Rules in the Club House

Smart casual clothes.
Outdoor jackets, waterproofs and hats must be removed but clean dry golf clothing is allowed in the Bar and Sun Lounge.
Golf shoes should be changed, and suitable shoes worn.
Golf shoes may be worn to access the Bar when the Spike Bar entrance from the Terrace is open in the Summer Season.
The wearing of tracksuits, jogging bottoms, work clothes and trainers is not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the Course at any time. Smart denim jeans are allowed in the Clubhouse but not on the Course.
Smart phones
Smart phone application functions may be used on silent mode in the Clubhouse. Phone calls and other broadcast functions may only be made or accessed in the Car Park or on the Terrace not in the Clubhouse or on the Course, except in an emergency.